JEL Account Executive Renewal

Welcome aboard! 

We’re excited that you’ve decided to renew as a J.E. Lawrence and Company Account Executive.


First, please execute a new Combined JEL/ERC Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA). At right is a link that will launch a blank copy for you to fill in. The blank copy is a Word document. Please type all information directly onto it including your name as your signature (This is legally valid). Then SAVE the file to your computer and email a copy following the instructions below. Please DO NOT print it out, sign it by hand, and scan it in order to send it back. This creates very large files and clogs up our server storage!


Second, please execute a new W-9 form. At right is a link that will launch a blank form for you to fill in. Begin by typing your information into the text boxes. Next, save the completed form on your computer. You may then print out the form to date and sign it. Then scan the first page only of the W-9 and email a copy following the instructions which follow.


When completed, please email copies of your ICA and W-9 form to Glenn Appleyard (


Finally, to pay your annual $50 renewal fee, please select the appropriate PayPal button at the right. Your options are to pay via your personal PayPal account, use your PayPal credit card or use some other credit card.


Don’t delay – renew today.