ERC Prospect Signup Process

Objective = smoothly ‘hand-off’ the prospect to a BLC “advisor”.

  1. For entirely new Prospects, create a Contact and a Deal in the HubSpot CRM. If you fail to do this, your referrals on the JEL tracking form will not be updated! 
    For existing JEL clients, bring up their Contact page and create a new Deal.
  2. Select “ERC” as the Case name for the Deal.
  3. If the Prospect is willing, set up an appointment for him with one of JEL’s BLC-assigned advisors. To do this, click the BLC Calendly link below and set up a convenient time based on the Prospect’s availability. Also inform the BLC advisor if you will be participating in the phone call and the fee percentage the client has agreed to. If you will be participating in the call, enter the bridge line phone number rather than the client’s phone number and communicate the bridge number to your client.
  4. Record the appointment time/phone number if you want to listen-in on the call.
  5. Record the referral on the JEL tracking form in the “New/In Process” section of the AE’s Report. If you fail to do this, your referrals will not appear on the JEL tracking form. 
  6. Fill in all purple cells on the JEL Tracking form  and the Meeting Date if you know it.
  7. Note: 80% of companies who checked on their own to see if they qualify and were rejected, actually qualify! So don’t accept an “I already checked, and we don’t qualify” excuse.
  8. If you need help with any of the above, contact your Team Leader for assistance.
  9. This Calendly link was put into effect on November 17, 2022.

Independent Contractor Agreement

To execute an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA), select the blue link above to launch a blank copy to fill in. The blank copy is a Word document. Please type all information directly onto it including your name as your signature (This is legally valid). Then SAVE the file and email a copy following the instructions bellow. Please DO NOT print it out, sign it by hand, and scan it in order to send it back. This creates very large files and clogs up our server storage!

When completed, please email a copy of your completed  ICA to Glenn Appleyard (