If you dropped your wallet and someone found it, would you want them to return it?


We'll help you claim what is yours

Every year, tens of thousands of companies fail to collect money they are owed as a result of class action settlements.

J. E. Lawrence & Company was founded to help our clients identify and collect all the moneys to which they are entitled.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a scam?
No. Class action settlements arise from situations in which your business has been overcharged or has been financially damaged in some other way (even if you didn’t know it happened). Your claim is a demand for payment of money you are legally owed.
Can I do this on my own?
Yes. No-cost assistance is usually available from the Class Administrators and Class Counsels during claims-filing periods. No one is required to sign up with any third-party service in order to participate in any monetary relief.
What will this cost?
Unlike law and accounting firms, J.E. Lawrence & Company requires no fees upfront. Once your claim is paid, JEL receives a pre-approved percentage of the payment as compensation for services rendered over the course of the claims process.

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J. E. Lawrence & Co. brings an effective combination of expertise, commitment, and transparency to the recovery of client's claims.

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