a claim recovery specialist working on a class-action settlement claim
September 8, 2022

What Does a Claim Recovery Specialist Do?

Managing your own claim in a class-action settlement can be difficult, complicated, and time-consuming. While hiring a claim recovery specialist is not mandatory, it can benefit your claim and your business in many ways. Read on to discover what a claim recovery specialist can do for you.

What is a Claim Recovery Specialist?

A claim is a legal demand or assertion provided by a person or company seeking some form of reimbursement, payment, or compensation. A claim recovery specialist concentrates on managing claims on behalf of a client and they can play different roles depending on their area of specialty. 

At J.E. Lawrence & Co, we specialize in managing client claims in class-action settlements. A class action is a legal proceeding in which one or more plaintiffs bring forward a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, known as the “class.” If the legal proceeding is resolved in favor of the class, a monetary settlement fund will be determined, and all class members will be eligible to file a claim against the fund.


A claim recovery specialist manages every aspect of a claim. They are responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and processing clients’ claims. They validate claims to prevent fraud, develop claim review plans, and check necessary documents.

What Can a Claim Recovery Specialist Do For You?

It is possible to file a claim yourself; you are not required to sign up with a third-party service in a settlement. Further, no-cost assistance is usually available from the Class Administrators and Class Counsels during claims-filing periods. However, such assistance can be limited by time and convenience, and hiring a claim recovery specialist to manage your claim has many other benefits not provided by a case’s no-cost assistance.

Additionally, cases are often lengthy – sometimes taking years to be resolved and paid. Consequently, you can’t always rely on a member of your organization to monitor them. That is where a claim recovery specialist comes in. They’re the employee who never quits. Your specialist will save you time, handle your claim expertly, and give you peace of mind in knowing you’ll receive the entire amount of monetary relief to which your business is entitled. Their full attention is on recovering the money you are owed.

Top Reasons to Hire JEL as Your Claim Recovery Specialist

  • You can maintain focus on your business while a specialist handles your claim.
  • JEL has expertise in claims tracking, filing, and recovery. 
  • Enjoy peace of mind while we take the lead in monitoring and complying with the changes in claim procedures that can occur from time to time.
  • Our specialists will fight to recover every dollar to which you are entitled.
  • JEL complies with all court requirements for third-party filing services.
  • Never lose track of your claim due to employee turnover or changes in business ownership.
  • We will manage your claim over the often-lengthy time frame that cases can take.
  • Our specialists advocate on your behalf when payouts don’t comport with your initial claim amounts.
  • Our team operates with professionalism and total integrity.

Choose J.E. Lawrence & Co To Manage Your Claims

These are just the beginning of what J.E. Lawrence & Co will do for you. When you choose us as your claim recovery specialist, our team will fight to get you the money you deserve, and we will advocate on your behalf if we believe you received an incorrect claim amount. 

To learn more about how J.E. Lawrence & Co can benefit your business, request a conversation with one of our Account Executives today.